Safety information

1. Use Trickboard only in safe spaces away from furniture and other mobile objects. The best way to practice is to do it on a carpet covered with rubber on the bottom. Avoid wet, slippery, and uneven surfaces as they may result in a fall. Trickboard is not suitable for the beach and during the rain.

2.  Do not subject the Trickboard roll to a prolonged exposure to sunlight as it may get damaged and lose its shape.

3.  Always use a helmet as well as elbow, knee  pads and wrist guards.

4.    Learn to use the board slowly and with caution. In case you lose balance, do not wait until you fall and try to jump off the Trickboard instead.

5.    Children under 15 years old should be using Trickboard solely under adult supervision and being safeguarded by them.

6.    Beginners should be practicing under adult supervision or with support of more experienced peers.

7.    Maximum weight for Classic and Pro board use: 120kg (265lb), Junior board use: 60kg (132lb)

8.    Remember: you are using Trickboard at your own risk.