Balance Board benefits


3 Reasons Why You Should Try a Balance Board

Balance boards, also known as wobble boards, have been the go-to exercise choice for athletes, physical therapists, and office workers. It’s portable, cordless, and doesn’t require batteries. Just step on the board, balance, and watch it do these three things to your body:

1. Strengthens Your Sense Of Balance

Ever been labeled as clumsy or accident-prone? Balance boards are a proven way to regain your body’s stability, known as proprioception. Proprioception refers to the body’s natural ability to control various everyday activities. If you’ve ever had to walk in a dark hallway or switch the gear in a car, your proprioception had to take over so that you didn’t fall or have the car stop in the road. Our balance boards can restore your body’s orientation so you are able to perform tasks without the slips or spills.

2. Helps Heal and Prevent Injuries

Had a recent injury? Balance boards tone muscles so that they don’t give way when you are walking to work or playing tennis at the court. Even if you haven’t been injured, your body loses its stability as you age. Therapists often use balance boards to help the elderly regain their muscle tone and sharpen fine-motor coordination in children with developmental problems. A nursing home study in the US showed that residents had better standing positions, especially on uneven surfaces.

3. Improves Posture

Sitting at your computer all day or even surfing on your smartphone can lead to curved spines and chronic neck pain. Balance boards can correct these problems by restoring the body’s natural position and maintaining proper balance.

So go ahead, get started in style by choosing from an array of exotic designs. Make your back a happy one by stepping toward a healthy and balanced future.