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Starting your balance board adventure

The first month of 2019 is almost gone, but there’s still plenty of time to get up to your fitness goals. Stepping on the board is only the beginning to the thousands of balance workouts available on the internet. That’s why we’ve put together some moves to get you motivated for the more advanced. Ready to start your body-building adventure? First, please use caution and only do these moves when your body feels ready.

Maybe you’re still wondering how to use that board after getting it as a Christmas gift. This video gives you the basics by showing you how to correctly position your feet and maintain that perfect balance. If you’re first language isn’t German, don’t worry, the visuals still provide a good foundation. Jump to 1.01 if you want to move past the explanation and get right to the moves:

Once you feel confident stepping onto the board, you can progress by adding weights to your daily regimen. Weights are a perfect way to build, tone, and challenge your endurance. However, it’s important to be extra careful when attempting any weight tricks. You don’t want to start off the year with torn muscles or broken bones! The EHow video shows you how to master those core body builds while lifting at 1.24:

If you feel that you want to step up your core muscle toning, try doing some calisthenics. This video shows you how to how to keep your muscles lean and mean by stretching those hamstrings, delivering those push-ups, and even lifting up kettlebells:

Ready to do something even more audacious? Try this skateboard hack that is guaranteed to impress your friends and break out of your comfort zone. This video shows you how to do an Ollie (safety first), by stepping away from the board into the breeze:

No matter the point in your fitness journey, we hope these moves will help jumpstart to where you want to be this year. Even just the basic techniques reap a lifetime harvest of superior proprioception and increased mental stability. Remember, any previous injuries requires a consultation with a therapist or fitness trainer before you start. So, if you didn’t get that board you wanted for Christmas, head to our store to see our handcrafted boards and get moving!